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You’ve had a crush on a pleasure boat and you need money fast . The boat loan is the depreciable loan you need. The formulas are varied and credit offers adapt to your personal situation, your expectations and your pace of life.

This loan is intended for the happy owners of a motorboat, sailboat or a new or used seas scooter to allow them to access their dream in advantageous conditions.

  • The first financing option is obviously to contract a loan exclusively dedicated to the purchase of the boat of your choice. As with any conventional consumer credit, you negotiate in advance the terms of your commitment, including the interest rate, the borrower insurance, the term of the contract and the prepayment procedures.
  • The unassigned personal loan is another possible solution. You have complete freedom in the use of the amounts borrowed, a major asset if you want to enjoy more freedom in the choice of the boat.
  • You can perfectly finance the property in nautical leasing. Rental with Purchase Option, or LOA, allows you to rent before buying without weighing down your wealth. You benefit from the same choice of duration as in credit but at the end of the lease, you can decide whether or not to lift the initial purchase option. You benefit from lower monthly payments thanks to the leverage effect of the purchase option. In addition, you have the choice of the duration and the amount of the purchase option. You can resell or retain the boat by paying the final purchase option to become the boat’s definitive owner.

The advantages of boat credit

The purchase of a boat on credit may be necessary if there is a need for significant financing. You can realize your dream and buy the boat that has always made you want. Rather than emptying your bank account, you will be able to deal with an unexpected event, fund personal events and have new projects without touching your savings.

You then finance your boat project with or without input. You can simulate the credit that suits you directly on the online comparators. The freedom is total, you choose the amount and the duration adapted to your situation.

By choosing a boat loan, you benefit from a fixed interest rate for the duration of your loan. Credit agencies offer simple and flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Using the boat credit will avoid immobilizing too much of your availability.

Once your file accepted, the release of the funds is really fast. It is a flexible and evolutionary formula. You contact your advisor at any time to change the amount and the repayment term of your loan.

Some useful information on the boat loan

The borrower insurance is optional but it is more prudent to anticipate the vagaries of life by subscribing to a boat insurance that will protect you from possible damage. In addition, it becomes mandatory in case you want to get a berth at the port.

The choice of your insurance will be according to your type of boat. Removable propulsion means such as sails and mats are not guaranteed. They will also have to be insured because of their fragility. Several documents are to be provided to the lender. You will need to complete your file with:

  • the tax notice for the last two years;
  • a fair estimate of real estate assets including property tax, and also movable with all investments;
  • your job ;
  • a photocopy of your valid ID with authenticated signature;
  • a photocopy of the valid passport;
  • your complete marital status
  • proof of address ;
  • a bank account number ;
  • the home port;
  • the expected name of the boat;
  • the financing proposal of the signed financial institution;
  • the delivery date of the boat;
  • the sales contract or a delivery note.