Get fast loan without interest or complications

Get fast money without having to pay anything in interest or commissions. Thanks to the offers that mini-credit entities offer for new clients, you can get fast money without interest, without paperwork and without waiting.

Can I really get money fast without interest?

Yes. Entities that offer quick money without interest allow us to get the capital we need without paying interest or commissions, that is, at 0% APR. These credits are characterized because they allow us to get small amounts of fast and urgent money that usually does not exceed 300 euros in just a few minutes, with a completely online application and hardly any paperwork.

These loans are repaid within a maximum period of 30 days in a single payment composed of interest (if any) plus the requested capital. Those that are not “free”, have an average cost of 1.1% per day, so 100 euros lent to 30 days will generate 33 euros in interest and we will have to pay on the agreed date a total of 133 euros.

One of the main characteristics of the quick money credits is that we can get them without being already clients. In fact, the offers of quick money without interest are destined, for the most part, for new customers. To be able to enjoy these offers we will have to comply with the general requirements of approval of the application as well as the specific conditions of the offer.

How to get money fast and without paperwork

As we have seen, one of the main characteristics of fast money is that we can request them completely online through their online forms. Green-Touch is a direct lender. If we are new clients, we will apply directly the free loan offer, without having to sign up for any type of contest or raffle.

To request quick money without interest, we simply fill in an online form with our personal and economic data, which will help the entity to carry out a preliminary analysis and give us a pre-approval. Once we get the pre-approval, we will have to send the requested documents (usually it will be the identity document, a bank statement and a proof of income). Some entities will allow us to get fast money without paperwork by authenticating our data with online identification applications.

Finally, when the entity receives the documents and certifies that the data of the documents coincide with those of the form, they will send us the final approval together with the contract, which we must read carefully and sign if we agree with all its clauses.

Once we have forwarded the signed contract, the entity will execute the transfer order to the account that we have indicated immediately and in minutes we will be able to enjoy the credit that we needed to solve any unforeseen event.

Is it possible to get money quickly without interest and without payroll?

Yes. Having an alternative source of income to a payroll is not a problem to obtain financing. Nowadays, virtually all online mini-lending institutions allow us to get fast money without a payroll if our compensation complies with the following requirements:

  • Be regular: we must receive such retribution periodically and over time. A punctual or non-regular income will not be considered valid.
  • Be justifiable: it is essential to present a document that verifies that we receive such income on a regular basis and that it is sufficient. Without a proof of income, it will not be possible to obtain financing.
  • Be enough: the retribution we receive must allow us to face the fast money without interest that we request without problems and without returning it supposes an imbalance for our personal economy.

The income of the self-employed, the pensioners or, on occasion, the people who receive an unemployment benefit are some examples of alternative income to the payroll that allow us to obtain fast money without problems.

What to take into account when requesting fast credits online

Although getting fast money online without interest can be a great alternative to deal with specific incidentals or periods when spending increases, it is important to know how they work and their dangers to know how to use them responsibly.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that even if we do not have to pay interest or commissions, we will have to repay the requested capital within the agreed term. Requesting financing, even if it is free, means getting into debt, so we must be completely sure of being able to face the reimbursement without problems.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that repayment terms do not usually exceed 30 days, that is, after a maximum of one month we must return the money requested. If we are behind in the payment, we will have to face the repayment of the loans along with their normal interests and the penalties for the delay of the reimbursement.

In addition, these types of loans are designed to obtain extra liquidity at specific times, so it is not advisable to use them for recurring expenses such as the electricity bill since in these cases we could be dragged into a debt spiral of the It will be very difficult to leave.

How are fast loans without interest reimbursed?

Mini-credits that offer quick money must be reimbursed in a single installment on the date we have chosen, which will never exceed one month. The lenders usually put different ways of doing it at our disposal so that we choose the one that best suits us:

  • Refund by bank transfer: it is the most common method to repay the quick money without interest. It basically consists of giving a transfer order from our checking account to the account number that the lender has given us, choosing the amount that we are going to transfer and filling in the concept with our identifying data. This type of refund can be done either from the online banking or in our office.
  • Cash Refund: this form of reimbursement must be made exclusively in an office of the bank where the lender has his checking account. In this case, we must enter in the account number that indicates the requested capital (plus interest if they had). In this case, it is especially to correctly identify the payment.
  • Payment by debit card: its operation is identical to that of an online purchase. Through our user on the web page of the lender, they will indicate the capital to be reimbursed and we will have to detail the details of the card they request and our identification number to carry out the refund.

It is especially important to be completely sure of being able to face the reimbursement of the quick money that we request, since if we incur a non-payment the entity may include us in a file of defaulters and in these cases our range of possibilities to obtain financing will be reduced to the Quick money credits.